Miķelis Žideļūns

Miķelis was born in Valmiera, but has been a resident of Riga for a long time - he studied at Jugla Gymnasium and Riga secondary school No.6. After studying drama actor course at the Faculty of Drama Theater of the Latvian Academy of Culture, he came to the Latvia Puppet Theater, where "playing" with dolls he often entertains and sometimes thrills both grown-up and small spectators. Miķelis is fascinated by the feeling of "living nerve" in the theater, when something unexpected and unplanned can happen during the performance, which the spectator should not be aware of. He worked at the Ansis Rūtentāls’ Movement Theater for a long time. Miķelis still enjoys a mobile lifestyle, so he often runs - in the woods, on the roads and off the roads. He gets the joy of “playing” also by playing ukulele in the music band "7 sons".
Actor of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 2007.

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