Brothers Grimm

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1h 30min  / Act 2
Main hall of the Riga Latvian Society House

About the performance

Premiere: 26.10.2018.

Who hasn`t heard of a lovely little princess, whose wicked stepmother - the Queen forces her to work as a scullery maid?

And here they are again, the beloved fairy-tale characters, coming alive on the stage of our puppet theatre. Once again the cruel Queen asks her usual question to the Magic Mirror and learns that Snow White is the one, the fairest in the land. Once again the Huntsman takes Snow White to the forest and she finds her shelter in the cottage of the seven dwarfs. Once again the jealous stepmother tries to get rid of Snow White and once again a true love prevails sweeping away all evil and wickedness in its path.

Creative team

Stage director:
Māris Koristins
Stage, puppet designers:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve, Pāvils Šenhofs
Anna Nollendorfa, Natālija Davidoviča
Video designer:
Evita Bēta
Lights designer:
Uldis Andersons
Silvestrs Zemgals
Texts of songs:
Daina Strelēvica


"Rūķu mode" Latvijas Leļļu teātrī



Paldies Leļļu teātrim par brīnumjauko izrādi Sniegbaltīte un septiņi rūķīši. Tikām ievesti īstā pasaku pasaulē. Beigās tik īsti nevarēja saprast, kas notiek ar ļauno karalieni. Mūzika pabaismīga, gaismas šaudās, un karaliene pazūd. Bērniem tas tāds bailīgs brīdis. No bērnības atceros, ka rūķīši sauca, ka karaliene iekrita aizā. Paldies par izrādi.

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