Santa Didžus

Santa joined the family of dad Andris, mom Malvine and brother Andis in 1972. She went to the kindergarten "Saulīte", where she sang in the ensemble, because she really liked the music teacher. Later she studied at Stende's eight-year school, where the cook Olga made very delicious meals, then - at Talsi secondary school, where she was ridiculed a little because she was from the country and dreamed of becoming an actress. To the surprise of many and also of herself, she joined the Faculty of Puppet Theater at Latvian Academy of Culture, where she became an actress thanks to Aina Matīsa and Arnolds Liniņš. Later Santa also studied stage directing. Santa wishes everyone to study for a profession that they like, because then it is easy to do one’s job and it brings joy not only to oneself but also to others.
Actress of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 1994.





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