Dana Avotiņa-Lāce

Dana was born in Preili and grew up in Livani. "I am a Latgalian and I recognize my countrymen with all my heart. And I'm happy when we meet, " says the actress. As far as she can remember, she has always been an observer. Mom used to say – if you keep your mouth open, all crows will fly in it. As a little girl, Dana read thick novels and imagined the world in interesting stories, colors, things. Theater has always been something mystical and captivating to Dana - growing up with performances that could be watched on TV, "Skroderdienas Silmačos" in Druviena is her favorite performance from her childhood memories. After graduating the drama and puppet theater acting course at the Faculty of Screen and Theater Art of the Latvian Academy of Culture, she started working at the Latvia Puppet Theater.
Nominated for the award of the "Best Young Performer of the Year" of Latvian annual theatre award Spēlmaņu nakts in season 2006/2007.
Actress of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 2005.







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