Lienīte Osipova

Lienīte is the first Riga citizen from her family, her family roots come from Balvi district. Graduated from Riga secondary school No. 45 and obtained a bachelor's degree in arts from the Latvian Academy of Culture. Lienīte, who entered the Latvia Puppet Theater in 2010, says: “It is possible to be confused when you suddenly enter such an environment, but when the embarrassment passes, it either suits you or not. I suited me and still suits! “Puppet theater has given Lienīte a wide range of roles, it is a completely different type of acting, where you have to live with the feeling that the actor and the puppet or object are one. Lienīte is inspired by puppet and object theater festivals, where the encounter with like-minded puppet theater professionals and the excellent performances of various forms create a desire to do better. After 11 seasons, Lienīte can deffinitely say: “Yes, I am a puppetier! "
Actress of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 2010.

Mēs izmantojam savas un trešo pušu sīkdatnes, lai uzzinātu, kā jūs izmantojat mūsu mājaslapu un nodrošinātu mājaslapas funkcionalitāti. Lai uzzinātu vairāk par mūsu sīkdatņu politiku, lūdzam noklikšķināt uz pogas “Vairāk informācijas”.

Jūs varat piekrist visām sīkdatnēm, noklikšķinot uz pogas “Piekrītu” vai noraidīt, noklikšķinot uz pogas “Nepiekrītu”.

Noklikšķinot uz pogas “Nepiekrītu”, tiks izmantotas tikai funkcionālās sīkdatnes, kuras ir nepieciešamas, lai nodrošinātu tīmekļa vietnes darbību.