Baiba Vanaga

Baiba was born in Riga, graduated from Riga French Lycée and later as drama and puppet theater actress from the Faculty of Screen and Theater Art of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Some time ago she exchanged the rhythm of Riga to a quiet place in the most beautiful city of Latvia - Sigulda. Baiba is a singing actress who loves the variety of puppetry. While working in a theatre most of all she enjoys the joy of creation, when you have to bring to life the traits of each character defined by stage director, find your own individual way of expression and collaborate with other participants of the performance. Currently, Baiba plays the main role of her life – she is the mom of her three children.
Actress of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 2005.

Mēs izmantojam savas un trešo pušu sīkdatnes, lai uzzinātu, kā jūs izmantojat mūsu mājaslapu un nodrošinātu mājaslapas funkcionalitāti. Lai uzzinātu vairāk par mūsu sīkdatņu politiku, lūdzam noklikšķināt uz pogas “Vairāk informācijas”.

Jūs varat piekrist visām sīkdatnēm, noklikšķinot uz pogas “Piekrītu” vai noraidīt, noklikšķinot uz pogas “Nepiekrītu”.

Noklikšķinot uz pogas “Nepiekrītu”, tiks izmantotas tikai funkcionālās sīkdatnes, kuras ir nepieciešamas, lai nodrošinātu tīmekļa vietnes darbību.