Pēteris Galviņš

He was born in Riga, but has also lived in such places of Latvia as Jūrmala, Ķegums and Saulkrasti. The first steps in acting were taken by participating in the stage speech competition "Sparrow" on the stage of the Latvia Puppet Theater, where he has now returned as a troupe actor. He obtained his secondary professional education at the Riga State Technical School, receiving a diploma in programming technician. Later, the desire to express himself creatively prevailed, and in 2013 Pēteris graduated from the Bachelor's subprogram “Art of Dramatic Theater Acting” of the Faculty of Theater and Audiovisual Arts of the Latvian Academy of Culture under the supervision of Mikhail Gruzdov and Indra Roga. Continuing his studies, in 2016 he obtained a master's degree as a theater art stage director. Emil's role in the performance "Emil and the detectives" (stage director Ģirts Šolis) and in the production of Albert Kronenberg's book "Tuntuļu Jurītis" (performance “Coddle Georgie”, stage director Ģirts Šolis) are acknowledged as his most important roles, but he loves any role which brings joy to the spectators.
Actor of Latvia Puppet Theater since 2014.

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