Arnita Jaunzeme

Arnita has been active in various fields since childhood. In addition to good and excellent success at school, she received a musical education in a kokle (Latvian national instrument) class, danced folk and sport dances, and sang in a choir. Naturally, the versatile abilities and activities resulted in an interest in theater, because theater is a synthesis of all the arts! In 2008, Arnita obtained a bachelor's degree in Arts with a specialization in theater directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture (course led by prof. Māra Ķimele). In 2012, she obtained a master's degree there. After studying, Arnita played and performed in the independent theater "Kabata", but following her call to acquire new skills and knowledge, she entered the wonderful world of puppet and object theater, where she works as both an actress and a stage director.
Actress of the Latviaa Puppet Theater since 2014.
Arnita Jaunzeme's performance "Ķipars Pipars" (Theater TT) in 2006/2007 was nominated for award “The best performance of the year for children" of Latvian annual theatre award Spēlmaņu nakts.
In 2008, she received award as the festival's best actress for the role of the Queen in the staging "Simbelin" (directed by Davide Giovanzana) at the SETKANI / ENCOENTER Theater Festival in Brno (Czech Republic) where 14 countries participated.
In 2012, Arnita became a laureate at the International Theater Festival “Kод Шекспира” in Perm, (Russia) for staging a composition based on “Otello” by Shakespeare. She was awarded with an opportunity to enhance the skills of directing and acting in an international theater laboratory in Germany for a month and a half.

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