Кристина Варша

Becoming an actress was Kristina's childhood dream. But before turning her dream into reality, she managed to get a bachelor's degree in management, work in the telephone information service, go through all three rounds of interviews at the bank and refuse to work there. And then she received a degree as a drama theater and film actress at the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute. Kristina enjoys working in the theater for children's audience, because only children can express their emotions so openly, directly and so vividly. The greatest joy is when it is possible to create a fairy tale, magic, and children truly believe in it. Then you can feel like a real magician! Kristina loves nature, discovering new places, walking on nature trails, loves the sea, Old Riga, delicious coffee, chocolate ice cream and Moomintrolls.
Actress of the Latvia Puppet Theater since 2014.

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