Hans Christian Andersen

The Snow Queen

1h 40min  / Act 2
Main hall of the Riga Latvian Society House
5,00 - 13,50 EUR

About the performance

Premiere: 17.12.2004.

A considerable number of readers believe that “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen is one of those fairy tales the lines of which send out some sort of coldness and even cruelty. Though, that won`t be the case when one describes this performance. The creative team working on this production - the Director, Puppet and stage designer, Composer and Puppeteers - have given their best effort to fill the performance with the warmth of love and goodness. The story of the play emphasizes the perpetual and eternal truth - a true love and a warm heart will make even a deeply frozen heart melt and will release those held captive by the chains of evil.        

Of course, there is a battle between the good and evil and in the long run the forces of good prevail over the forces of evil. The cold character of the Snow Queen is impressive indeed, however not that powerful to overcome the good spirit. With the help of comic characters - a Crow pair, a Robber and his myrmidons – the play`s Director has managed to create funny scenes, thus adding some lightness to the severe theme of the story. Whereas a soul-stirring music by Valdis Zilvers is actually letting you feel emotions living on the stage – be it a true calmness of one`s cosy home or a spirited mood, that follows Gerda`s noble and tenacious struggle for Kai.                      

The performance`s Artist and Scenic designer Anita Znutiņa-Šēve has designed the stage environment by using the so called “black cabinet” technique, thus creating intricate visual illusions which fully immerse the viewer in the brilliant fantasy world of Hans Christian Andersen.

Warning: smoke is used on the stage during the performance!


Creative team

Stage director:
Maris Koristins
Stage, puppet designer:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Valdis Zilveris
Texts of songs:
Ļevs Birmanis

Roles are played by

Lilija Sūna
Snow queen, Leader of robbers:
Ольга Ларина
Robber girl, Flower sorceress:
Julia Meshcheryakova
Kai, Robber:
Carl the Crow, Reindeer:
Jury Lunik
Prince, Robber:
Vladimir Svoboda
Clara the Crow:
Кристина Варша
Irina Krasta


Снежная королева


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