Based on English fairytale

Three Little Pigs and Wolf

1h 10min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
15,00 EUR

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About the performance

Premiere: 05.01.2014

The tale of three little piglet brothers, the two reckless ones and the third – the prudent one, is known for generations. It has also been staged at our Puppet Theatre for several times, but this particular adaption is meant for our youngest visitors. Scenes of the play are those from the classic fairy tale, played out by lovely piglets-marionettes and a nasty wolf.

What is more important – light-minded enjoyment of life or care for the future? Or maybe it`s worthwhile trying to put heads together and figure out how we could find a balance in order to secure both joy of life and feeling of security. How do Nif Nif, Nuf Nuf and Naf Naf manage to escape from the bad wolf`s teeth? Come and watch the puppet show "The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf"!           

Warning: stroboscope driven effects are used on the stage!


Creative team

Stage Director:
Vija Blūzma
Stage, puppet designer:
Gedimins Kotello
Uģis Vītiņš

Roles are played by

Nuf Nuf, snail:
Irina Krasta
Nif Nif, Fox:
Julia Meshcheryakova
Naf Naf, Wolf:
Vladimir Svoboda
Other roles:
Jury Lunik


Три поросенка и волк



Очень веселый и яркий спектакль. Ребенок пританцовывал, хлопал. Одни положительные эмоции. Понравилось, что волк был совсем не страшный.


Огромное спасибо за спектакль!!я в восторге!!!! надеюсь, ребенок тоже (дочке 2,8 года, смотрела, затаив дыхание. были первый раз). оболденно!! получила массу положительных эмоций! намереваемся заглядывать к вам чаще по мере возможности (как на русские, так и на латышские спектакли).спасибо за хорошее настроение!!


Ļoti laba izrāde! Dinamiska un jautra. Bērnam (4 gadi) ļoti patika! :)


Labdien! Mums ar dēlu izrāde ļoti patika! Jautra, priecīga un krāšņa... Labprāt aizietu vēlreiz to noskatīties. Paldies Jums!!!

Aina Laguna

Labdien! Katru vakaru savam mazajam dēliņam stāstu pasaku Trīs sivēntiņi un vilks, skatos Jums repertuārā, bet žēl, ka krievu valodā, varbūt Jums tālākajos plānos ir ieplānots latviešu valodā izrāde parādīt??? paldies

Tava atsauksme

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