Grigorij Oster

38 parrots

1h 10min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
15,00 EUR

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About the performance

Premiere: 19.03.2021

The main characters of the performance "38 parrots" are friends - the talking Monkey, the shy elephant, the eccentric parrot and the thoughtful Boa. Although each has a completely different character, they complement each other: when the Elephant does not have the courage, there is a Monkey nearby who is ready to encourage a friend to act without hesitation, or when Boa thinks about how to measure his length, the Parrot has a solution. Kids will love our friends - after all, they have such unique characters, manners and voices! As Grigory Oster says, "Everything that is unknown is extremely interesting." And, of course, it's extremely interesting to learn something new, to join the unknown. Witty dialogues in the spirit of Grigory Oster, funny jokes and funny confusion on stage will not leave anyone indifferent.

Creative team

Stage director:
Александр Ионов
Stage, puppet, costume designer:
Vita Radziņa
Rustam Bagirov
Emils Alps



Красочный, интерактивный спектакль - интересная постановка, на подобии в мире животных скрытой камерой, необычно. Детям понятные герои, понятный сюжет. Понравилось детям 6 и 9 лет, обоим было интересно


Восхитительный спектакль! Смешной, забавный, про любопытство и доброту. Дети смеялись от души, когда на обезьяну посыпались кокосы! Спасибо актерам за прекрасную игру, насладилась и я, и мой маленький сын.

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