Hans Christian Andersen


1h   / Act 2
Couch Hall
12,00 EUR

About the performance

Premiere: 16.04.1996

Hans Christian Andersen`s story of a tiny girl, her both “suitors” - the ugly toad`s son and the rich, blind mole, is one of the most famous tales by the Danish fairy tale master. Children will find captivating the exciting story line of the tale, but parents – contemplations on such issues as the importance of gratitude, compassion and love in our life. 

Creative team

Stage director:
Pauls Anteins
Stage, costume, puppet designer:
Pāvils Šenhofs
Raitis Ašmanis
Puppet sculptors:
Marga Austruma, Anna Nollendorfa





Очень красивая история и такое же красивое представление.

Tava atsauksme

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