F. Scott Fitzgerald

Me - Benjamin Button

1h   / Act 1
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
15,00 EUR

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About the performance

Dramatization: Edgars Niklasons, Artūrs Putniņš
Premiere: 18.02.2022.

F.S. Fitzgerald's literary work "The Incredible Story of Benjamin Button" is fascinating and fascinating not only because of its extraordinary idea, but also because it addresses two important themes that have affected people of all ages: the relentless flow of time and the desire to suit the accepted norms of society. Along with the main character Benjamin Button, who is born as an old man of 70 years and disappears as an infant at the time of death, the creators of the staging "Benjamin Baton" will offer the audience to experience the unusual existence of a unique person through the aesthetics of puppet theater. The performance will look for answers to questions that each of us may have asked ourselves in our lifetime: Am I doing everything according to my best conscience? Will anyone love me for who I am? Will I be accepted in my community if I please the wishes and standards of society?

Creative team

Stage director:
Edgars Niklasons
Stage, puppet designer:
Edgars Niklasons
Krista Ķipure
Staņislavs Kuļikovs
Lights designer:
Uldis Andersons


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