Otfried Preussler

The Little Witch

1h 30min  / Act 2
Main hall of the Riga Latvian Society House
11.00 - 15.00 EUR

About the performance

Dramatization: Stage version by Laila Kirmuška
Premiere: 04.10.2019

This play is about choices. The little witch is still incredibly young, being only 127 years old. One day she faces a choice – she must understand, which are good things and which are bad. And, are good things actually the good ones or not...? When this question arises, even spells do not help to find the right answer, so it is good that there is always a wise friend, raven Abraxas, who knows everything. Well, almost everything.

Otfried Preussler is one of Germany's most popular children's book writers, and his books have been translated in many countries of the world. Latvian readers are well acquainted with works about the little witch, the dwarf Herbie, the little ghost, etc.

Creative team

Stage director:
Laila Kirmuška
Stage designer:
Vita Radzina
Puppet designer:
Gita Peta
Viesturs Zandersons, Rihards Zelezņevs
Movement consultant:
Lilija Lipora
Lights designer:
Uldis Andersons
Texts of songs:
Daina Strelevica
Translation from German:
Ingus Linins

Roles are played by


Izrāde "Mazā raganiņa" Latvijas Leļļu teātrī


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