Daina Strelēvica (based on a story by M. Timma)

The Silver Tree

1h   / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
12,00 EUR

About the performance

Premiere: 08.12.2018

Christmas is a special time in every house and, as it turns out, also in the forest... “Every year the fairies walk around the forest and chose one Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. They cover it with sequins and tinsel so that the tree glistens in silver,” writes Mirdza Timma in her heartfelt story “The Silver Tree”. The stage version of the story about the events of the festive period and the unique Christmas tree beauty contest was created by theatre actress Arnita Jaunzeme, for whom this Christmas play was a debut in puppet theatre direction.

The director says, ““The Silver Tree” is a musical event with the participation of squirrels, birds, hare, wolf, fairies, dwarfs and the Christmas trees, that has come alive. Which one of the Christmas trees will receive the honorary title of the Silver Tree this year? Come, see the play and find out!”

Creative team

Stage designer:
Arnita Jaunzeme
Stage, puppet, costume designer:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Imants Paura
Music arrangement:
Silvestrs Zemgals
Lights designer:
Uldis Andersons
Texts of songs:
Daina Strelēvica


Izrāde "Sidraba egle" Latvijas Leļļu teātrī



Jauka un sirsnīga izrāde. Puikam 3,5 gadi patika un skatījās ar lielu interesi. Ar nelielu humora pieskaņu. :) Patika gan bērniem, gan pieaugušajiem (dažbrīd tēti pēdējās rindās smējās skaļāk par bērniem).

Tava atsauksme

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