Александр Веселов

Little Snowmen and the Sun

1h 10min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
12,00 EUR

About the performance

Premiere: 07.12.2013

This play written for kids starting from the age of two tells the story of two little snowmen, who decide to set off on a journey and find, where the sun dwells. Hearing of the sad destiny awaiting them as soon as they step into the warm sunlight, the two choose their path, which winds through the forest. Oh, poor, they are so afraid of melting! On their way they meet with forest dwellers - a squirrel, a bear, a hare and trees, which have to struggle with severe frost and deep snow. The two little snowmen realize how eagerly everyone in the forest is waiting for the sunshine to come. Their little snow hearts fill with warmth and they ask the old, wise crow to fly to the sun and urge her to appear as fast as she can. Thus, with the first rays of spring sun, little snowmen begin to melt and soon the first heralds of spring – snowdrops - raise their white heads from the earth – in the place, where once the two little snowmen stood. 

“This touching story about warm-heartedness and empathy is based on a Romanian folktale. The message behind the tale warns us that putting oneself above all and showing disregard for feelings of others, will lead to a sad ending”, says the play`s Director Māris Koristins.        

Creative team

Stage director:
Māris Koristins
Stage, puppet designer:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Valdis Zilveris
Texts of songs:
Daina Strelēvica

Roles are played by

Dana Avotiņa-Lāce
Miķelis Žideļūns
Squirrel, Hear, Bear, Crow:
Lienīte Osipova


Saulīte un sniega cilvēciņi



Ļoti interesanta izrāde, jo izrāde ir muzikāla, meitiņai bija 1.10 g.v., kad apmeklējām un ļoti patika, skatījās aizrautīgi. Katrā ziņā dziesmas aizraus jebkuru mazulītī izrādes laikā. Paldies!


Izrāde skaļa. 2 gadniekam par skaļu, rakstīts 2+… bet absolūti nav atbilstošs teksts un skaļums un mūzika. Mazi bērni bīstas. Iesaku no 4 gadu vecuma


Ļoti jauka muzikāla izrāde. Patika gan 3, gan 7 gadigam


LOti jauka izrāde, patika visiem gan 1, 3, 7 gadigam.


Ļoti patika izrāde manam dēliņam un man arī!Mūzika,joki,stāsts-viss gaumīgi un atbilstoši vecumam!


Vai tiešām šī ir tā pati izrāde no mūsu bērnības "Kur Tu esi saulīte, mums ir Tevi jāsatiek...."? Jauki!

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