An African fairy tale

How Brother Rabbit Won the Lion

1h 20min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
15,00 EUR

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About the performance

Dramatization: Stage version V. Bluzma
Premiere: 07.10.2022.

The forest is full of woodland creatures – the fox, the wolf, the crow, the rabbit. They keep themselves busy with daily chores, quarrels, and teasing. One day a stranger intrudes their familiar routine. The Great Lion who wants to lord over everybody and set his order that other find neither convenient nor pleasant and acceptable. When all the diplomatic efforts fail, Brother Rabbit must find a way how to deal with the intruder to save both himself, and his friends.

The story of Brother Rabbit who won the Lion has gained the heart of many readers. This marionette play about the witty and mischievous hero and rescuer of the forest is staged by Vija Blūzma. The colorful and musical stage play is meant for kids aged three and older.

Creative team

Stage director:
Vija Blūzma
Stage, puppet and costume designer:
Gedimins Kotello
Mikus Frišfelds
Consultants in marionette making:
Aleksandrs Jonovs, Jury Lunik
Ligts designer:
Uldis Andersons


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