Jonathan Swift

Gulliver`s Travels

1h 20min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
11,00 EUR

About the performance

Dramatization: Edgars Niklasons
Premiere: 27.11.2016.

Both older and younger ones dream of mysterious faraway lands and marvellous adventures. But what if, when you dream, you end up in a place where you better had not set your foot in? The English writer Jonathan Swift’s work “Gulliver’s Travels” is a story about the brave ship doctor Gulliver's wanderings in the lands of Lilliputians and giants. In this fantasy world full of surprises the main character is captured by tiny, militant people, who are only 15 centimetres tall, and also by a family of giants, but Gulliver fights as much as he can and does his best to return home to his little daughter.

Actors of this performance will play out the events by using miniature marionettes, giant objects, animation and silicone figurines printed in 3D technology, the prototype of which is one of the actors. The play is intended for children aged 6 years and over and their families.

Attention! Smoke effects are used during this performance! 

Creative team

Stage director:
Edgars Niklasons
Stage, costume, puppet designer:
Sintija Jēkabsone
Kaspars Niklasons
Lizete Upīte
Movement consultant:
Alise Putniņa


Gulivera ceļojumi Latvijas Leļļu teātrī
"Gulivera ceļojumi" Latvijas Leļļu teātri


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