Sergejs Kozlovs

Little Hedgehog and a Fir Tree

1h 10min  / Act 2
Fireplace Hall (Riga Latvian Society House)
12,00 EUR

About the performance

Premiere: 13.12.2014.

How to know when the New Year has arrived? And how to decorate a fir tree if there is not a single one in the forest? Little forest dwellers – a Bear, a Squirrel, a Wolf, a Fox and a Hedgehog have their hands full with preparations for the New Year`s Eve celebration. However, will they manage to find their fir tree in good time?

Though amazingly simple, this touching and sincere story about friendship and selflessness is one among other romantic stories in the philosophical series about the two friends – Little Hedgehog and Little Bear - written by a Russian writer Sergey Kozlovsky.        

Creative team

Stage director:
Māris Koristins
Stage, puppet designer:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Valdis Zilveris
Texts of songs:
Daina Strelēvica

Roles are played by

Little Hedgehog:
Anrijs Sirmais
Squirrel, Fox:
Arnita Jaunzeme
Little bear, Wolf, Cat:
Pēteris Galviņš


Ezītis un egle



Ļoti mīļa izrāde mazajiem, lai gan arī man un meitai (6 g) patika, jo izrāde muzikāla, koša, skanīga un arī savā ziņā smieklīga. Man ļoti patīk šie varoņi - šāda tipa lelles - viņi ir tik mīlīgi un smieklīgi. :) Bērniem (un man) ļoti patika arī "3 sivēntiņi" un "Vilks un 7 kazlēni" - tās ir šāda veida izrādes: košas, krāsainas, muzikālas, smieklīgas un mīļas un ar super foršām lellēm! :)

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