Edgars Niklasons

Nina and Lecorbusier

Couch Hall

About the performance

Dramatization: Edgars Niklasons
Premiere: 20.09.2021.

The first three series of "Nina and Lecorbusier" will be available to viewers free of charge and will be published on the theatre's Facebook page and Youtube channel on September 20, September 27 and October 5 at 6.30 pm. Published videos can also be seen at the bottom of this page. On the day Nina's mother goes on a business trip abroad, the girl gets very angry, because there will be no one to count the flying cranes with her in the autumn. But everything changes the moment Nina sees a pile of moving branches in the garden. It turns out that under the branches there is a marsh turtle Lecorbusier, who soon becomes Nina's ally in her daily life and in her journey into the world of inner emotions. The miniseries of live animation for the whole family "Nina and Lecorbusier" use simple and understandable language to talk about various emotions that each of us first gets to know in childhood. The first three series are dedicated to emotions such as anger, joy and fear. Various articles and books have been used as scientific bases, sources of inspiration to analyze the psychological processes of children and young adults and to study various developmental practices, for example M. Martins’, M. M. Pedrosa’s and M. Matozu's book “Inside. The brain at your end”. The puppet live animation series were created in author's technique - the overhead projector serves as a medium to capture the 2D cartoon images-puppets animated by the actors in video format. The transparent material of the puppets, which determines the aesthetic tone of the series, is an integral part of the poetic world of this work, in which the main characters create a sense of disarming fragility. Each series will be complemented by the experience stories of two Latvia Puppet Theater actors about their contact with the respective emotion, the whole animation being an entertaining and at the same time valuable information for children and their parents. The project has been created with the support of the Latvia Culture Capital foundation program “KULTŪRELPA”!

A digital version of the show is available

Duration of the performance: 10min

The price:

Creative team

Stage director:
Edgars Niklasons
Evita Beta
Video artist:
Vladislavs Loiks
Musical design:
Stanislavs Kulikovs

Roles are played by

Puppet animators:
Elīna Bojarkina, Rūdolfs Apse
The roles have been recorded by:
Lauma Margrieta Kambala, Miks Fleišmanis, Dace Vītola, Artūrs Putniņš , Anrijs Sirmais


Latvijas Leļļu teātra lellene "Nīna un Lekorbizjē"
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 1. sērija. Dusmas
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 2. sērija. Prieks
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 3. sērija. Bailes
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 4. sērija. Uzticība
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 5. sērija. Atvadas
NĪNA UN LEKORBIZJĒ - 6. sērija. Atbildība


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