Little Doll Lolite

1h   / Act 2
Couch Hall
11,00 EUR

About the performance

Dramatization: Stage version V. Bluzma
Premiere: 25.04.2010

When I was a little girl, my granny used to read to me “Lellīte Lolīte” by Rainis. When I grew up, that was my mother who read “Lellīte Lolīte” to my daughter. Well, I am a grandmother myself now and this book still stands on my bookshelf.    

Girls have always dreamed about beautiful dolls with sparkling eyes, while boys have craved for fancy cars with bright headlights. The fashion of dolls and car models may change eventually, but the experience once gained when playing will remain forever. The poetic cycle by a famous Latvian poet Rainis, accompanied by children songs written by Arvīds Žilinskis and arranged by Raimonds Petrauskis, tells the story about things essential at all times and generations - love, friendship, helpfulness, relationships, virtue of work, understanding of art, music and nature...

A digital version of the show is available

Duration of the performance: 1h

The price: 15 €


Creative team

Stage director:
Vija Blūzma
Stage, costume, puppet designer:
Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Arvīds Žilinskis
Raimonds Petrauskis

Roles are played by

Grandmother, Mom, Daughter:
Dace Vītola


Lellīte Lolīte



Fantastiska izrāde! Patika gan man, gan manai mazajai divgadniecei. Tagad vairāk kā mēnesi katru vakaru klausāmies izrādes disku, un skaitām pantiņus. Aktrises darbs, mūzika, vienkāršā scenogrāfija - viss kopā izcili. Piekrītu Dacei - izrāde ir maiga, liega, apņem kā silta sega.


Brīnišķīga izrādei mazajiem bērniem, kas modina maiguma un mīļuma jūtas kā lielajiem tā mazajiem.

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