Jury Lunik

Jury was born in Lviv, Ukraine, and grew up in Latvia. Immediately after graduating from school, he managed to work in the factory and study at Riga Technical University, but he got into the profession of an actor, as he says - as a result of a natural coincidence. After graduating from the part-time department of the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute (Russia), he is a graduate actor and stage director of dramatic theater. He got acquainted with puppets when he started working at the Latvia Puppet Theater and thanks to the responsiveness and knowledge of his colleagues, he is still learning to lead, understand and love a puppet. In 2021 Jury made his debut at the Latvia Puppet Theater as a stage director by staging the performance "Little smart Sonya" in both russian and latvian languages.
The performance in Russian language "Ugly Duckling", in which Jury played Andersen, received award for "The Best Play for Children or Youth" of Latvian annual theatre award Spēlmaņu nakts in 2014/2015".
Actor of Latviaa Puppet Theater since 2014.

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