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Замечательный и поучительный спектакль. Учит, что зубки надо чистить, меньше есть всякие сладости-гадости, а также учит, что не надо боятся зубного врача. Мы после спектакля ходили к зубному, дочка очень растроилась, что наш доктор не РОМАШКА. Кариес, конечно, жутковатый, но детки в зале вроде не боялись. Спасибо !!!
Великолепный спектакль, дочка третий месяц бегом бежит чистить зубы и в саду рассказывает про кариес и бактерии
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Clever Little Tooth

Умный зубик
Duration: 1:10, 2 cēlieni
Recommended age: 3+
Premiere: 03.10.2009.
Stage director: Māris Koristins
Stage, costume designer: Anita Znutiņa-Šēve
Puppet designer: Ilze Dambe
Composer: Valdis Zilveris
Translation, texts of songs: Vladimirs Novikovs

About performance

Well, we all know that sometimes kids just don`t really understand why and how they need to brush their teeth, no matter what stories parents tell them about cavities. Our story is yet another reminder why teeth and teeth cleaning are so important in many ways. Strong, healthy and white teeth help you chew the foods, speak clearly and have a bright and beautiful smile - the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.   

There will be actors, puppets and all kinds of dental hygiene teaching aids on the stage to show how fierce is a rivalry game in the mouth between Tooth-friends and Tooth-enemies. As it turns out, teeth themselves are wise enough to realize what is good and what is bad for their health, especially the first permanent tooth – the Little Front Tooth. In addition, there is a smart and strong team of Tooth-friends led by a good Doctor Cricket, who are always ready to drive off the nasty tooth-ruiners.               

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