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The Kolobok

Duration: 1:10, 2 cēlieni
Recommended age: 3+
Premiere: 14.11.2010.
Stage director: Māris Koristins
Stage, costume, puppet designer: Ilona Buraka
Composer: Valdis Zilveris

About performance

The version of the Russian folk tale “The Kolobok” (a little round bun) created by Nikolai Shuvalov is not a simple fairy tale as one may expect. Puppets are made to appear through a magic box-storyteller, which rattles a bit and has difficulty showing the things little visitors ask for. Although the box-storyteller somehow tends to mix up fairy-tales and comes up with characters and heroes from completely other tales, the end of the story will delight the kids – The Kolobok stays alive! The magic box will tell a different story; it will be a story made up and told by the kids themselves.

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