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Fairytale of the Slumbering Dragon

Snaudošā pūķa pasaka
Duration: 0:50, 1 cēliens
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: 05.02.2011.
Stage director: Надежда Алексеева
Stage, costume, puppet designer: Игорь Семенов
Composer: Татьяна Боброва
Translation: Daina Strelēvica

About performance

The play, staged in paper puppetry technique, is about a tiny Japanese boy Isumbusi, who sets off on a journey seeking the ways, how to grow taller. Turns out that becoming a circus star and earning a lot of money doesn`t help much since the greatness lies in the attitude towards those around us. Only when the little boy discovers the crucial importance of friendship, helpfulness and unselfishness and realizes, that it`s not the size of a man, but the size of his heart that matters, he finally grows up.

The play won the 2nd place in the 3rd International Puppetry Festival “Eurofest 2012” in Slupsk, Poland. 

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