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The Little Match Girl

Meitene ar sērkociņiem
Duration: 0:45
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: 17.12.2011.
Stage director: Edgars Kaufelds
Stage, puppet designer: Uģis Bērziņš
Animator: Dita Lesiņa
Composer: Marts Kristians Kalniņš

About performance

Hans Christian Andersen is one of the greatest fairy-tale writers of all time, whose works have touched the hearts of many generations. His tales pervade sincerity, wisdom, inner beauty as well as the sharp reflection of reality. The Tale of the little match seller is one of the most poetic, fragile and heart-warming Andersen`s fairy-tales. It raises compassion and encourages us to be more attentive and careful towards the world around us.

The action of the fairy-tale and that of performance takes place at Christmas time. That`s the time when miracles happen! And children may take part in this miracle by participating in the performance and changing the course of events happening on the stage.

The performance “The Little Match Girl” invites us all to live long with this beautiful Christmas dream where sincerity, friendship, helpfulness and openness prevail.       

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