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The Canterville Ghost

Kentervilas spoks
Duration: 1:15, 2 cēlieni
Recommended age: 6+
Premiere: 05.09.2015.
Stage director: Надежда Алексеева
Stage, costume designer: Игорь Семенов
Composer: Татьяна Боброва
Texts of songs:

About performance

For three hundred years a Canterville ghost has successfully haunted everyone residing in an old English country house. He likes to walk through the dark corridors at night, spook servants, blow down the chimney-pots and appear in the most gruesome guises. But everything changes when a friendly American family moves into the house. The family members refuse to believe in the existence of the ghost and are unwilling to submit themselves to customs of the good old England.

The performance outlining the importance of mutual understanding and that of human compassion and empathy, will stir the hearts of both children and adults. The stage version of the ironic gothic novel by Oscar Wilde let all imaginations and fantasies loose. But no worries! It won`t be scary after all….  

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